Memorialisation, we hear it, we talk it, how are you doing it? Does it start with memories and trinkets whilst living, is it after death or two years later when a family agrees on the headstone? A discussion

Sally Kennedy 2

Sally began Dearly Plaques & Memorials five years ago from an idea she and her family had walking through her local cemetery. From a start-up to now her full time role as director she now delivers interim memorials in time for the funerals as well as other aluminium products all over Australia.

 She works closely with manufacturers in Ballarat to design and provide new ideas as well as thousands of memorials and markers to the cemetery industry.

 Sally has recently graduated with her Master of Business (MBA), is on the Board of Ballarat Connected Communities, a member of the Ballarat Cemetery Community Advisory Group and she volunteers. She enjoys in her spare time creating memories with her family on their 10 acre farm just out of Ballarat.

 In the absence of Final Touch Australia (FTA), Sally will also be speaking on behalf of FTA, a CCANSW General Sponsor.

 With the recent announcement of FTA now working in conjunction with Dearly Plaques, it could not be more fitting to have a combined conference presentation.   The alliance of Dearly and FTA comes with plans to share more cemetery products and solutions to support families with both service and product availability.  Stay tuned!

ED: Currently we are still editing the recording of Sally's presentation to the Parramatta 2019 Conference. We will make it available as soon as we can. Members will be notified by email.


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