Paul Miller

A modern cemetery faces the same disruptive conditions that any business faces with the experience economy.  However, some cemeteries have centuries worth of data and very tight regulatory requirements with their record keeping.  So the challenge?  How can you humanise your technology options to maximise the value to your three main stakeholder groups:  team members, business partners and consumers?

Some questions emerge: should your IT be on-premise or hosted? Do you need mobile responsive? Should you provide portals for your most used functions, allowing your users to have unfettered access? Do you need ERP, CRM, mapping and cemetery management functionality in one central system? How can you offer your customers value-add services to enhance their experience – and your revenues? All of these are worthy questions, and during my presentation we will discuss some cemetery operators’ innovative approaches to these problems.

Paul is the CEO, Axiom Business Systems. 

He is an experienced C-level executive who has founded or been on the executive team of companies in Australia, United States and Europe. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from Deakin University.

Paul three biggest strengths are:

1: Being able to deal effectively with CEOs, speaking about their issues and the impact on their business, and working with them to map out successful strategies.

2: Being able to visualise the sequence of milestones that need to occur in order to achieve a long term objective, such as growing a market, winning a complex deal, launching a product, or attracting investment.

3: Being able to work with people to inspire them to do their best work, and with a solid strategy and faithful execution, we work as a team to get a result.

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