Standards Australia Committee BD-071 Information

Official update from BD-071 (sanctioned by Standards Australia):

AS 4204:2019 Headstones and cemetery monuments was published on 1st April 2019. This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee BD-071, Cemetery Monuments, to supersede AS 4024 - 1994, Headstones and cemetery monuments, in response to a request from the cemetery industry and to a subsequent survey.

The objective of the Standard is to enable cemetery authorities and monumental masons to specify minimum structural design criteria, performance, installation and renovation requirements for headstones and cemetery monuments so that these meet the designed serviceable life. The Standard is available for purchase from the SAI Global Store:

 The committee is now preparing a comprehensive revision of AS 4425 Above ground burial structures to supersede AS 4425 – 1996 Above ground burial structures. It is expected that this Standard will progress to the Public Comment phase in mid-2019.

 Association members will be notified when this standard is available for comment via the CCANSW secretariat. At this stage it is expected that AS 4425 will be published in early 2020.


Martin Forrester-Reid

Standards Australia Committee Chair BD-071



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