CCANSW member Locale Consulting has sent a reminder about The Community Participation Plan (CPP ),  a high-level document that describes how and when a planning authority, such as a local council, will engage with its community on the planning functions it performs.  It should be an easy-to-use guide for community members to understand how to participate in the planning process in NSW.  You can read more about CPPs on our recent blog.

When is it due?
CPPs are due to be published on the NSW Planning Portal by 1 December 2019, less than 7 months away.  Taking into account the mandatory exhibition period and reporting cycles, local councils should be taking steps now to prepare the draft CPP.

How can we help?
Locale Consulting is equipped to assist with some key activities to help you be ready by the deadline. We can:
1 /  Facilitate a workshop with internal and external stakeholders as part of the design and preparation process
2 /  Prepare the plan itself
3 /  Work with your community to develop the plan including consultation before or during the exhibition period

Where to from here?
Contact us to discuss your individual needs and how we can help

The clock is ticking!