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Death Customs and Practices

List of articles in category Death Customs and Practices
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Diversity in death in Luxembourg
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QR Codes are making for eco-friendly ancestor worship in China
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Baby boomers are hiring death doulas and aiming for the grave on their own terms
STuff.NZ: How to die for free, almost
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Ten weird funerals...
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Death care information from Hong Kong, including Green burials
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VIDSTONE Serenity Panel
USA: Tent Graves of Mt. Gilead Cemetery
Gail Rubin: A good goodbye
China is cracking down on funeral strippers, but it's a decades-old 'religious practice' in Taiwan
WA resident criticizes treatment of burial sites under tenure provisions
Commentary: Cemeteries should be more than where the dead reside
UK": "Liquid" cremation hits blockage.
Vintage Read: The Loved One, by Evelyn Waugh
Are Direct Cremations gaining popularity in Australia?
How Abraham Lincoln created a funeral industry
Architects: watching your most important commission go up in flames
Thailand: thousands to attend extravagant cremation for King Bhumibol
Catacombs Are Making a Comeback
India: It's not a crematorium, it's the Last Flight to Salvation
More Americans Than Ever Choosing Cremation
Here’s why corpse hotels are in demand in Japan
How do we celebrate the virtues of dead loved ones in a secular age?
Construction progress of the royal crematorium for the late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Video: Where will Sydney bury its dead?
Sydney to build catacombs in overflowing cemetery
Heading to Iceland? Just Make Sure You Don’t Die There
Cemetery land shortage; are mausoleums the answer?
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority hosts second Death Over Dinner experience
Non-traditional funerals are changing how families and loved ones say goodbye
The plight of Bengaluru grave diggers and cemeteries
What’s the secret of good grave management?
Cryonics Project at Holbrook
Scotland: Son loses legal battle over burial of parents' embalmed bodies
Thailand: nine important facts about royal funeral rites and the royal crematorium
Thailand: Royal crematorium highest for 100 years
No-Flame Cremator for UK Crematorium