Our two day session on July 5-6 followed the close of public comment on the reviewed standard AS 4204 Headstones, Monuments and Commemorations. ACCA provided a replacement representative; Michael Conway was welcomed by the Committee. Discussions and deliberations are Committee-in-Confidence. Approved comment comes first from Standards Australia for disseminated to participants.

AS 4204
Our Committee reviewed the outcome of the 9 week public consultation period for the draft of AS 4204 Headstones, Monuments and Commemorations. A total of 79 submissions were received (some were submission duplicates). A range of comments both technical and operational in nature were received and it was refreshing to have submissions from individuals and via the participating Associations for consideration. A resolution was finalised for each comment in the following ways:

Agreed as submitted – the committee agreed with the comment and the draft was amended as per the commenter’s suggestion.

Agreed with modification – the committee agreed with the whole (or an aspect of the comment) with the draft amended in a manner and wording different from the comment.

Rejected – the comment was noted, however rejected with supporting statement.

Editorial amendments were agreed upon to increase clarity for potential users. Changes were made to the minimum stone thickness table, full and lawn monument style footing table and the corresponding diagrams. The next step will be a review by the Standards Australia editor. Given the modifications a determination will also be made by Standards Australia on the benefit of another period of public comment or if draft AS4204 will move to Committee ballot phase.

AS 4425
Work began on AS 4425 following its hold-over during the public comment phase for AS4204. The committee reviewed the scope of the project and discussed potential language/terminology clarity changes in light of the recent public comment experiences for AS4204.

As we did for AS 4204, scope items were distributed between Committee members who are to investigate, develop wording and present their item findings at the next meeting. Identifying terminology and agreeing on common names will be an important early part of this draft review.

On behalf of the Technical Committee BD-071, and the CCA (NSW) as industry convener, a great vote of appreciation is made to our contributing Associations and the commitment each representative brings to this important work.

M Forrester-Reid
Independent Chair (BD-071)
Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW.

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