Generations of administrators at Beechworth Cemetery Trust, Victoria, have come up with new ideas in the best tools to keep their database handy; from a customised (and commissioned) one to eventually the good-old Excel, leaving the current administrator with 2 sets of unreliable cemetery software records. Some of them contained missing and inaccurate data that needed to be matched back and forth upon each inquiry. An overhaul was undoubtedly required, but it had to be done without disrupting  Beechworth Cemetery Trust’s primary purpose; that of serving the community.

That’s where the Chronicle team helped.

Beechworth Cemetery

The Chronicle Team not only organised the existing records, but also made the task of fetching, adding, and editing records an easy, time saving task, leaving the administrator plenty of time to do what they do best; maintaining a beautiful cemetery for its community.


Learn how our cemetery record software with an aerial view also helps make people understand the location within seconds and what it means to both administrators and Beechworth’s community.  


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Being one of the oldest public cemeteries in Victoria, Beechworth Cemetery Trust is a grand well-preserved cemetery, sits on approximately 8.5 ha land. 

This aesthetic and botanical landmark has been the last home to more than 17,000 individuals and 800 monuments since the mid-19th-century.

And while the cemetery itself is very well-preserved, it’s only understandable that decades of cemetery records have not been maintained accurately.

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