Strict COVID-19 controls limiting the number of people attending chapel and funeral services to a maximum of only 10 mourners have boosted demand for webcasting services at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, North Ryde.

Since the social distancing controls for small gatherings have been increasingly tightened, Macquarie Park has experienced an 80% take-up rate compared to the usual 10% of chapel services requesting access to the not-for-profit facility’s free webcasting service.

Macquarie Park has for several years provided funeral video streaming services for people who are unable to attend a loved one’s funeral so they are able to share the experience in real time online.

Northern Cemeteries CEO Pauline Tritton says during the coronavirus pandemic the valuable resource is helping to unite bereaved family and friends across the suburbs, nation and globe, and that people should not let the current situation prevent them from saying their final goodbyes.

“When someone dies, our natural instinct is to seek comfort by being close and supporting each other,” Mrs Tritton explained.

“During the COVID-19 crisis we need to be extremely mindful that social isolation will only add further distress to those who have lost a family member or friend.

“This is where being part of the funeral service via streaming is proving so important to supporting the grieving process.”

Macquarie Park is providing further assistance by offering any affected families the opportunity for them to return at a later date (post crisis) and hold a memorial service for up to 200 people, at no additional cost.

“We are here for our families and community to offer and provide any additional support we can during these unprecedented times,” Mrs Tritton said.

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