• Specifies minimum structural design criteria, performance and renovation requirements for cemetery monuments and crematoria memorial gardens above and below the natural ground surface. The Standard also gives guidelines on installation practice and guidelines for war grave monuments. It does not set out to preclude artistic endeavour. This Standard does not apply to pet cemeteries or to public monuments other than cemetery monuments. This Standard is intended for use by cemetery authorities, monumental masons and all personnel concerned with the installation, renovation and general requirements of cemetery monuments.


    1. The standard seems to be out of print locally. The link here is to an international seller.
    2. The standard is currently being reviewed:


    Project Proposal Number: PP1426

    Title: Revision of AS 4204


    1994 Headstones and cemetery monuments  and AS 4425  - 1996 Above ground burial structures

    Proponent: Australian Cemeteries and Crematorium Association

    Sector: Building and Construction

    Type of Proposal: Project

    Number of projects: 2

    Committee: BD - 071

    Scope: Revision of AS 4204 -1994 Headstones and cemetery monuments and AS 4425 - 1996 Above ground burial structures

    Pathway: Standards Resourced

    National Sector Manager: Tim Wheeler

    Contact Details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Standards Australia Technical Committee (BD-071) is current;y reviewing AS 4425 (1996)"A Bove Ground Burial Structures.

    Chair of Technical Committee BD-071 and member of the CCANSW, Martin Forrester-Reid,  has advised that “Technical Committee BD-071 held Meeting #7 on 2 October 2019.  Below is a summary of the work undertaken during the meeting:

  • Martin Forrester-Reid, who chaired the committee reviewing AS4204, advises "BD-071 Committee is pleased to announce that AS 4204 Headstones, Monuments and Commemorations is due to be published on Monday 1st April 2019. Standards Australia Public Affairs team is also anticipated to make a public statement to raise awareness."

    Standards Australia


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  • The Catholic Leader (AU) reports a senior death-care industry professional saying Queensland’s laws are “failing dismally” to protect bereaved families, while putting the health of industry workers at risk.

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  • Standards Australia logoMartin Forrester-Reid, Chairperson of the Technical Committee BD-071 Cemetery Monuments has advised that the drafting of AS4204 is now complete. Unfortunately delays in receiving content from committee members and a backlog of editorial work within Standards Australia’s Publishing Services department has delayed the draft of AS 4204 going to public comment. 

    Standards Australia is working to have the document released for public comment in the coming weeks. The next BD-071 Committee Meeting will be convened after the public comment period has closed – in April or May 2018. The primary purpose of this next committee meeting will be to resolve comments received from the public.

    When the draft AS4204 becomes available, a copy will be forwarded to CCANSW members seeking comment.

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  • Our two day session on July 5-6 followed the close of public comment on the reviewed standard AS 4204 Headstones, Monuments and Commemorations. ACCA provided a replacement representative; Michael Conway was welcomed by the Committee. Discussions and deliberations are Committee-in-Confidence. Approved comment comes first from Standards Australia for disseminated to participants.

  • Official update from BD-071 (sanctioned by Standards Australia):

    AS 4204:2019 Headstones and cemetery monuments was published on 1st April 2019. This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee BD-071, Cemetery Monuments, to supersede AS 4024 - 1994,Headstones and cemetery monuments, in response to a request from the cemetery industry and to a subsequent survey.