• Changing attitudes to death can mean a new role for cemeteries in modern life

    The ABC's AM program asks "Would you have coffee in a cemetery or take your kids to play near a family member's final resting place?" After all, it was a popular pursuit during the Victorian era and some people are trying to revive the practice.

  • Design judges pay their respects to mausoleum

    A project highlighting the correlation between design and death has been short-listed for a Victorian Architecture Award. The Philip Harmer-designed Atrium of Holy Angels Mausoleum in Melbourne’s Fawkner Cemetery is one of four buildings in the running for the best public space award.

  • Fawkner Cemetery trust announces plans to branching out another 45ha

    Fawkner Cemetery trust announces plans to branching out another 45ha. Creating a modern cemetery fit for 50,000 people requires some branching out. The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust has designed a 45ha expansion to Northern Memorial Park in Fawkner. And under the $150 million plan open space will be created, not room for more headstones.

  • GMCT Connections: Summer at our cemeteries

    GMCT’s cemeteries and memorial parks are special places that can be embraced as part of everyday life. Our staff have recommended some of their favourite locations at our parks to visit during the summer months - whether for leisure, remembrance or reflection:

  • SMH: Holy Angels deliver Fawkner mausoleum

    Fawkner's Holy Angels Mausoleum

    The Sydney Morning Herald's Commecial Real Estate sections reports Mausoleums are a relatively new concept for Australia, with the first appearing in the 1990s after changes in government legislation.